The world’s only HOLISTIC SaaS solution built by people FROM the fashion industry for people IN the fashion industry


From design to production, to sales and distribution up to the interaction with the consumer, the Focalize Platform allows brands to manage and distribute structured product information and digital content

More than 100 fashion brands in Italy, the hub of European fashion, use Focalize to run their business.

"Innovative solutions from Focalize, combined with digital technologies, have been our most important allies in achieving ambitious goals."
Paolo Mason Founder Plissè spa

Paolo Mason


"Thanks to our PLM system we have overcome the limitations related to the management of paper sheets improving creation processes, design and development of products. Today we are completely synchronized."
Claudio Magnani Founder Knitaly

Claudio Magnani

"In Focalize we have found an a reliable partner who knows concretely our problems and speak the same language of fashion industry."
Paolo Xoccato Founder Xacus

"Being able to handle any type of content through an advanced digital and simple to use system has really changed my quality of work. Today we could not do without it!"
Claudia Dareggi Project Manager Athesis srl Newland

Claudia Dareggi

"Our specific Branded App has enabled us to enhance customer experience and to offer to loyal customers to personalize products."
Aurelio Burattini IT Manager Piero Guidi

Aurelio Burattini

"Using RFID system for inventory management we have optimized the processes, speeded up time and zeroed shipping errors."
Antonio Vedovato Production Manager Plissè spa Sfiziomoda

Antonio Vedovato

"Through real-time monitoring of sales and orders we can make timely decisions by acting proactively."
Paolo Violanti Founder Visconf Violanti

Paolo Violanti

"Fashion industry is extremely complex: we really appreciated the holistic aspect of Focalize solutions because having a single point of contact for us is a big added value."
Daniele Fiesoli Founder

Daniele Fiesoli

"Thanks to our apps on smartphone we have improved customer communication making their shopping experience simple and more intuitive."
Sabrina Tonti Founder PepitaStyle

"Through Sales Force Automation Apps we have simplified and speeded up collection presentation encouraging all sales processes."
Graziano Salvagno Sale&Marketing AnnaritaN

Graziano Salvagno

"Through an innovative platform for multichannel sales we work in real time with global customers and buyers. Focalize software allows us to rapidly bring down the stock and sell more and better."
Sandro Poli Founder Brand Unique

Sandro Poli

"Thank Focalize ERP, from the idea to the sale, we have improved the entire chain of production and distribution, solving even the management of the relationship with our customers."
Carlo Della Ciana Founder

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