An industry specific holistic SaaS solution that enables fashion brands to improve their workflows to create, communicate, sell products and reduce time to market

From design to production, to sales and distribution up to the interaction with the consumer, the Focalize Platform allows brands to manage and distribute structured product information and digital content seamlessly with full synchronization across teams, simultaneously and without gaps or inconsistencies.

A virtuous circle of information ensures high satisfaction from the manufacturer down to the consumer, by enabling brands to save hours every day, reduce costs and offer high-quality products in a very short time.


Design and merchandising, marketing and sales, logistics and operations are all supported by a seamless software framework where all functions are constantly connected and synchronized


While creating a collection, Focalize backs the brand to replace paper sheets with digital tech packs, to have the version history of every prototype and a full collection planning available at a glance


Helps brands boost sales force activity and performance across the breadth of their channels


Through the RFID technology the real time management of the delivery status and inventory visibility gets extremely fast and efficient, which speeds up the time to market in a significant way


A Digital Asset Management solution lets brands collect, categorize and store any data or digital asset - from tech packs to lookbook and advertising - in a centralized system that supports all marketing activities by coordinating the presentation of the products in all sales channels


Thanks to mobile apps, brands can enhance the customer experience and offer product personalization to loyal customers. They can understand what shoppers are looking for, involve them in the development of new collections, understand customer value clearly and build it into products

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